Winning Features

Detailed studies show that concrete beam column joints reinforced with Sotrafer TMT SARIA have shown better earthquake resistance in tests. Concrete structures bonded with Sotrafer TMT SARIA have different features as balanced stiffness, insurmountable, Strength, high ductility and have score over others.

Better chemical properties allow Sotrafer TMT SARIA to face high temperature up to 600°C. It easily can be used in fire affected places.

The Shield of tempered marten site outer surface of Sotrafer TMT SARIA protect the steel from corrosion as the re-bars are produced with superior thermo- mechanical treatment technology not by cold twisting as the hindrances caused by cold twisting are abolished.

Deep extra rebar of Sotrafer TMT SARIA cut by automatic computerized machines allows concrete to make a firm grip with TMT bar. This uniform bonding strength concrete one piece.

The tough outer surface of tempered marten site & soft inner core results in perfect bend ability of the re-bar which can be bent easily around mandrels much smaller than specified as per BIS norms.

Low carbon equivalents provide perfect weld ability feature to Sotrafer TMT SARIA as it can be butt welded with no loss of strength. No pre warming or post welding treatment is necessary.

High load bearing capability excellent high strength & uniformity in weight permits to high level of saving up to 20% in consumption of steel in caparison with traditional bars.

Size Specified (kg/meter) Tolerance Limit (grams/meter) Per Wt. Variation (kg/meter) Individual sample variation
ISI Std. Sotrafer TMT Std. ISI Std. Sotrafer TMT Std. ISI Std. Sorafer TMT Std.
8mm 0.395 367 to 423 379 to 411 0.056 0.032 ±7 ±5
10mm 0.617 574 to 660 598 to 636 0.086 0.038 ±7 ±4
12mm 0.888 844 to 932 870 to 906 0.088 0.036 ±5 ±3
16mm 1.580 1501 to 1659 1548 to 1612 0.158 0.064 ±5 ±3
20mm 2.470 2396 to 2544 2445 to 2495 0.148 0.050 ±3 ±2
25mm 3.850 3735 to 3965 3811 to 3889 0.230 0.078 ±3 ±2

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The Sotrafer name has been respected in Lubumbashi for more than 5 years for its adherence to strong values and business ethics.

Our reputation lies in the trust our customers keep on us

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DRC has opened its doors to the world. Infrastructure development has started gaining momentum. Accessibility to the interior regions has increased which has helped us explore new regions in infrastructure development.

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