The Technology

Sotrafer TMT SARIA is produced in fully automatic rolling mill plant as per the International Standards by “EVCON TURBO TMT TECHNOLOGY ” in which the unique four stage treatment of hot rolled bars not only ensures achieving the BIS standard, but goes beyond with higher elongation & UTS figures which can be used for specialized applications, something other can only hope.

The raw material is duly tested in modern computerized labs before sending for rolling. After heating up to optimum temperature of 1100° to 1200° C, the raw material starts taking shape as per rolling pass schedule and reduction through mill stands.

The bar leaving the final mill stand at about 900°C pass through specially designed quenching box. The red hot bars are subject to sudden and intense cooling. The cooling time and rate depends on the size of the bars controlled by maintaining a desired temperature; follow rate and temperature of water. The surface get quenched allowing the outer layer of the bar to a reduced temperature of 300°C and forms a hard marten site structure while inner layer remains comparatively hot & austenite.

Now the heat follows from the core to the outer surface making the hard marten site layer into solid structure as the core still remains austenite at this stage.

The bar is kept on cooling bed getting cooled by natural air transforming the core into ductile - ferrite - pearlite solid structure. Further cooling changes the rest of the austenite change into fine grained ferrite and partite structure, giving a balance combination of high strength, ductility and toughness making the rebar earthquake resistant.


At Sotrafer, we have a clear vision for the future of Africa to be a reliable partner in the progress of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sotrafer SARL

Sotrafer look forward to a good year ahead, spread happiness with wonderful New Year wishes.

Sotrafer SARL

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Sotrafer SARL

The salient features of the rolling mill include an extensive ingot yard for cast-wise stacking of ingots, reheating furnace, pre-finishing & finishing mill, continuous shear to cut bars, roughing mill, intermediate mill, besides the most modern TMT facilities.

Our TMT steel bars are made using the ‘Quenching & Tempering’ (Q & T) technology. This technology is introduced by “SSS” Technologies. A contemporary technology, it allows the production of bars to be on par with international standards. Hot rolled from steel ingots and subjected to PLC-controlled online thermo-mechanical treatment, the bars are made to pass through heat treatment over three successive stages.

Quality Assurance

Sotrafer ensures quality at every step, from the input of raw material to the final product delivered on site. With a high automated plant and continuous checks at various levels, Sotrafer is able to produce the quality re-bars in the country. The quality team is equipped with modern testing facilities which ensure that the products meet stringent norms and quality standards.

We work obsessively to ensure that the trust reposed in brand “SOTRA” is never compromised.

Why Choose Us

The Sotrafer name has been respected in Lubumbashi for more than 5 years for its adherence to strong values and business ethics.

Our reputation lies in the trust our customers keep on us

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CEO Desk

DRC has opened its doors to the world. Infrastructure development has started gaining momentum. Accessibility to the interior regions has increased which has helped us explore new regions in infrastructure development.

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