Besides TMT Steel Bars, Sotrafer also produces Oxygen (Industrial & Medical) and Acetylene gases for industrial uses. The company offers Oxygen with a 99.9% purity and Acetylene with a 99.6% purity.

Additionally, as an industrial nitrogen gas producer, Sotrafer ensures to supply every nitrogen gas demand for diverse industrial applications, such as gas and oil inserting systems, enhanced oil recovery, offshore inserting systems, hydrogen gas purification, Inserting of Volatile Industrial Environments, Gas for Tire Inflation with the purity of 99.99 – 99.999%.

We also supply Argon Gas to various vendors for applications involving Steel Making, Welding, High-Temperature Processes, preservatives, Laboratories, Insulation, etc. As specified in the certificates of conformance for each product, we supply high-quality Argon with ultra-puregrade and are completely free from extraneous contamination. Argon gas supplied for industrial purposes reaches a purity of 99.9%, while for laboratory purposes, its set at 99.999%.