SOTRAFER Corporate Culture

Lubumbashi – the Mining Capital of the – Africa’s fast-growing economy has great opportunities for bridging infrastructure improvement.

SOTRAFER is engaged in the manufacturing of high-quality TMT STEEL BARS (Thermo Mechanically Treated). To produce high-grade TMT STEEL BARS – having high yield strength – the company produces mild steel billets through an Induction furnace and CCM. These billets are manufactured as per SABS (South African Bureau of Standards).

Apart from producing TMT Bar – SOTRAFER also produces Oxygen (Industrial & Medical), Nitrogen, and Acetylene gases, parallelly it also supply Argon Gases in the region.

Sotrafer has made significant investments in DR Congo based on the potential growth in the region. Our mission is to provide infrastructure development solutions for DRC and to support the growth of the region in the long run. To be a reliable partner in the progress of the–Democratic Republic of Congo. Our goal is to be the market leader in the Steel Business.

The two most significant assets of SOTRAFER is its brand and the people involved in. At SOTRAFER, we reckon that each employee is an integral part of the company and our growth. We are constantly involved with our people and strive to achieve maximum interaction with them regarding company policies, procedures, growth and general working. Our relationships with employees go beyond the working areas to foster a favorable community development. At SOTRAFER, we promote a culture of working in a collaborative and encouraging manner.

Join SOTRAFER and be a part of the family that strives to be market leaders through technological, environmental and operational excellence.

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